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Myra Boutros

"Growing Through Covid-19"

Writer & Director 



"Growing Through COVID-19" is a featurelength, independent, documentary film. The film follows the owners of “Russell's Garden Center,” a 145 year old Garden Center based in the Boston, MA area. In March of 2020, the family seriously considered shutting down their historical small business. 

The family battles through debt, to reopen their beloved Garden Center, despite the health crisis. To their surprise hundreds of new customers come out to try gardening for the first time. They witness the grounding comfort their customers receive from getting outside and putting their hands in the dirt.


Runtime: 91 minutes     

Completed: June 20th 2022

Genevieve Skehan​
Niki Bramley
PH O'Brien
Genevieve Skehan
Maine Outdoor FIlm Fest_officialSelection2023_black.png
NOMINEE - Crystal Pine Award for Film Score  Sound ISFMF - 2023.png
Feature Documentary
Growing Through COVID-19 (FILM TRAILER)

Growing Through COVID-19 (FILM TRAILER)

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Genevieve Skehan​


Brief Synopsis: 

'Boundless stars an emotionally blunted male lead, Jake 22. After his closeted queer father passes away, Jake flees to the moorlands nearby to be alone. He quickly becomes lost. Through the friendship of an unlikely stranger and the boundless landscape, Jake finds his voice and learns to accept and celebrate his father for all that he truly was. 

Development status: 

Seeking collaborators for further script development and finances for production development and creative inclusion. A pitch deck slideshow is visible below if you'd like more info. Please email for a copy of the script. 


Page Count: 127 pages     

Current Draft: 

Pitch 1.jpg
Fiction Screenplay
Screenshot 2022-07-03 at 8.20.59 PM.png

"Spring Awakening - The Musical"
Theatre Company:

Brief Synopsis: 

A full length live musical theatre performance of a dark European adaptation of the American Musical featuring modern alternative dance and dramatic acting styles. This rendition was performed at the Exeter Phoenix and Scarborough Spa Theatre in Exeter & Scarborough UK in 2013 and 2014.


"Award for Best New Director" (UK Sunday Times & NSDF 2014)

"Award for Best Musical" (NSDF 2014)

Articles Links:

Tim Bradbeer 
Genevieve Skehan
Shotgun Theatre
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Genevieve Skehan

Director, Producer & Writer  |  Tel: 508.942.4232

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