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Genevieve Skehan

Director, Producer 

& Writer



“My interest is about characters first. The question always is, who is this for and who will this resonate with? What are the quirks and daily conflicts these characters face? What makes them unique, raw and beautiful?”

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Wexford Film Festiv
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Cardiff Internation

"Best New Director"

Directors Guild of Great Britain, 2014

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Genevieve has been working in the film industry for nearly a decade, treading the line between Directing and Writing creative projects and Line Producing & Production Management. Working in production helps her understand exactly what she needs to do to make a creative project a reality. She recently created Skehan Productions to support her endeavors. Before she started working behind the scenes, though, she was a performer up front and center.

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Genevieve performed and studied as an actress for 15 years.

She received a bachelor's degree in Performing Arts from the University of Exeter, one of the most competitive Drama programs in the United Kingdom. In 2014, she took on her first Directing role, an adaptation of “Spring Awakening: the musical.” The performance earned her the award of “Best New Director” from the “Directors Guild of Great Britain.”


Genevieve has always had an incredible love for the outdoors. After a long stint in the Theater industry she entered the film industry with the hopes that she’d be able to create more stories in an outdoor setting. Genevieve’s past acting experiences drives her to create work that is predominately character driven. She remembers what it was like to dive fully into a character, and works hard with her actors and real people in her non-fiction work, to fully represent the kinks and quirks that makes each person individual and special.

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If you are interested in collaborating or just want to connect, email


Genevieve Skehan

Director & Writer  |  Tel: 508.942.4232

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