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Film Director & Writer

Genevieve Skehan

Creative Showreel

A short preview of past short film and scenes. 


After his father's death, a young man runs away from his estranged mother to the moorlands by his house. In the featureless landscape he gets completely lost and runs into some healthy forced companionship.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Wexford Film Festiv
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Cardiff Internation
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"National Student Drama Festival 2014"

Official Selection

Screenshot 2019-02-13 at 4.34.53 PM.png

A dark European adaptation of the American Musical featuring more choreographed dance and modern pieces than the original broadway performance. 

• The Exeter Phoenix (Devon, Exeter UK)

• Scarborough Spa Theatre (Scarborough UK)

Spring Awakening: the Musical

Performance Venues

• "Best New Director Award", The Director's Guild 

    of Great Britain 2014.

•  "Cameron Macintosh Award for Best Musical". 

•  "Best Leading Actress", National Student Drama                 Festival 2014.


Tears & Tequila

A short scene in a British pub, with a strict bar owner and his novice wait staff. 

Old Friends

Sometimes during the daily grind, we run into old memories.

A Short experimental film. Shot in 48 hours as part of a challenge.


Based in Boston, MA  |  Tel: 508.942.4232

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