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“My interest has always been about characters first. Whether it’s for a creative character study film or branded content, the question always is, who is this for and who will this resonate with? What are the quirks and daily conflicts these characters face? What makes them unique, raw and beautiful?”

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Film Director & Writer

Genevieve Skehan

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I've spent the past seven years working in the film industry as a Line Producer, Production Manager & Coordinator for national brands. I have also worked creatively as a Director for narrative films & commercials. Although before I wrote my first script or directed my first film, I was an actor, diving into the depths of character personally.


I received a Bachelors in Performance Art at The University of Exeter, one of the most competitive Drama programs in the United Kingdom. Exeter pushed me to explore all the vast interpretations of storytelling through a degree with a focus on acting and movement in performance. These two skill sets continually aid me when confronting non dialogue based film-making and camera movement. In 2016 I expanded my style and practical execution by completing a Masters Degree in Film Directing at the MET Film School in London.

Stylistically, I prefer to focus on the character. Many of my shot choices are guided by their arc and journey. I believe a strong character arc allows for the audience to better resonate personally with the film's message. I enjoy working on feature length projects because they allow me to dive deeper into the full spectrum of that character's journey and present a story more thoroughly.  


Although longer format films are fun, commercials continue to be an interest of mine. My parents are small business owners and I enjoy creating visual content for brands that represent them for who they truly are. Helping them guide their customers towards products that will increase their happiness and support their lifestyle.

I’m always looking for new collaborators, producers, writers and cinematographers. As a Director, I would be thrilled to hear about your next project and work with you to create a truly unique vision.

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Genevieve Skehan

Director & Writer  |  Tel: 508.942.4232

Based in Boston, MA but happy to travel anywhere.

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A bit about me outside of work: I’m an avid downhill skier and hiker with a love for nature. I try to live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle : )

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