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Genevieve Skehan

"Growing through


During the height of the pandemic, the family owners of a 145 year old garden center fight to stay in businesses. Treading through debt, the garden center is unexpectedly rewarded for their risk as the local community turns to a more sustainable lifestyle during the pandemics darkest days. 

Documentary Feature Film

Film Status: Post Production

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Boundless stars an emotionally blunted male lead, Jake 22. After his closeted queer father passes away, Jake flees to the moorlands nearby to be alone. He quickly becomes lost. Through the friendship of an unlikely stranger and the boundless landscape, Jake finds his voice and learns to accept and celebrate his father for all that he truly was. 

Feature Film (Fiction)

Film Status: Draft 7.2 of full length script

                      (Looking for Script Editors!)

Email me at for a copy of the current draft.

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