& Film Director

Genevieve Skehan

Recent credits,

"Growing Thorough COVID19" Feature Documentary - post production

"Frozen Disney Princess" 2020 - Product Video

"My Little Pony" 2019 - TV and Online Ad

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Wexford Film Festiv
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Cardiff Internation

"Award for Best New Director"

Director's Guild of Great Britain 2014


Based in Boston, MA & Portland, ME  |  Tel: 508.942.4232

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Thus began a career in film...


Hailing from a theatrical background, I was trained as an actress from a young age. I received a BA in Drama for the  study of live performance art from Exeter University in Devon, UK. After the completion of my bachelors degree I switched currents. I was increasingly interested in getting outside and wanted to work on real locations beyond the confinements of a theatre. 


Nearly six years ago, I took an interest in screenwriting. It was a task that came with a surprising amount of ease. I was aided in my practice by a long past of improv dialogue, theatrical transposition and script breakdown. I already held an interest in directing, due to the success of my directorial debut, an adaptation of “Spring Awakening: the musical."

Screenshot 2019-04-11 at 2.38.28 PM.png

Tech Rehearsal, "Spring Awakening: the musical" (Exeter Phoenix 2013)


 My version of the play won me the award for “Best New Director” from the “Director’s Guild of Great Britain" in 2014.


Following the completion of Spring Awakening, all I wanted to do was get outside, and create honest, naturalistic work. So I moved back to Boston, MA, the city I grew up in, and worked as a PA on film sets. To this day I make ends meet freelancing as a coordinator in Boston. I love the local crew and have learned to appreciate the intricate twists and turns associated with making a film production possible.

Behind the scenes of "Boundless" (2016), Dartmoor National Park

In 2016  I returned back to the UK to complete a MA in Film Directing with the MET Film School at Ealing Studios London. During my time there I made several films. 


Over the past few years I've written a feature film script in my spare time, which I'm happy to report is on its 7th full length draft.  (Contact me for more details). 

During the same time, I've directed several short films and TV Commercials for Local Businesses and most recently Commercials for Hasbro. I strive to write and direct projects which reflect real hardships experienced by people living in our society. I work hard to delve deep into the subject matter, and to put just the right amount of theatrical flair on it, to make it subjective, add some magic and make the audience think. 


If you're intrigued with my work, Please feel free to contact me!


I look forward to bringing new stories to life with you,

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Directing lead actor Robert Olley on the set of the  short film "Old Friends" (2015)
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A screenshot from a TV Commercial for ABC & CBS with Russell's Garden Center (2018)
Behind the scenes of "My Little Pony" Ad with Hasbro (2019)